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Letterman Stitches
Last month I wrote about Dave Letterman's show where he had a doctor come out and stitch his finger he sliced while chopping onions. Well tonight they reran that show so I popped a tape in and recorded it. Now I have video and pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

Dave had Rupert at the Hello Deli prepare the meal Dave was trying to prepare when he cut himself. My favorite moment was when they did a spilt screen of the cooking and the blood. :) Here's that one...

Split Screen

And here's a close-up of the third stitch going in...

Third Stitch

Sorry about the color problem near the bottom... my VCR heads had a stroke or something. But it's all better now. Unfortunately the recording was made during the stroke, but I didn't know because the live picture looked fine.

And finally, if you want to see the whole video and have RealPlayer, you can download the 6-minute 7MB video here.

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You. Are. Completely. Sick.

Good job. :-D

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