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While looking through old tapes on our Beta VCR, I found an episode of Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. It included a ventriloquist, PDQ Bach, and Super Dave Osbourne... the acts I remembered from seeing it as a kid because I enjoyed them so much. But I also found this other act I didn't remember at all, probably because my sense of humor wasn't developed enough to enjoy it. Anyway, today I think it's hilarious.

It's Jim Stafford singing Cow Patti. I captured the video into RealPlayer format. So, if you have that player, you can download the video here (my server doesn't stream it, sorry):

Cow Patti.rm (6MB)

Or if you prefer, you can just read the lyrics, but I recommend the video because he does some sight gags.

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I went to Mega-Sprawl-Mart the other day and saw a DVD of "Super Dave" in the El-Cheapo DVD bin.

For $5.88.

Yahoo Video

Loved it - We saw Jim Stafford in Branson and our only complaint was that he didn't have any up-to-date video clips so that we could bring them back to show our friends. We live in Leisure World and there are not many who can make the trip to Branson.

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