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Mary and Elizabeth sittin' in a tree...

...F - A - L - L - I - N - G.

Yup, my niece was playing with her friend Mary in the tree out front and fell. She broke her fall with her arm, and broke that as well. It's a doozy, too. One bone broke about 1/3 of the way up from her wrist. The other broke a chip off the growth plate (where it joins the wrist). But the big thing is that both bones got dislocated from the wrist, so her wrist was doing this sort of S-curve thing. Groovy. :) Fortunately the orthopedic dude was able to set it right by just manipulating it from outside, so she didn't need surgery with screws or anything, which he initially said might be needed. But she didn't get out of recovery until about 11:30pm and they want to monitor her anyway so she's staying overnight with mommy by her side.

Yesterday she was up in the tree and her little brother Spencer was trying to throw dead branches up at her. I told him that if he hits her and makes her fall out of the tree, he'll have to sign her cast. I'm psychic. :)

Oh, and yesterday I was also playing with my Airzooka outside. Sitting in the bench, I fired it at the tree half way down the driveway (30-50 feet or so) and I could see it hitting the leaves! Even that far away, it's still a focused blast no more than a foot in diameter. I tried firing it at the tree all the way down the driveway (the one Elizabeth fell out of) but its leaves aren't as thick, so I might have hit it but couldn't see it. Still... damn cool! It's also fun to fire at the chalk drawings on the driveway. It makes a cloud of chalk puff up. :)
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