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What a blast!
opalcat got me an Airzooka for my birthday! Thanks Opal! You rock! :-D

I shot my mom already, and she shot me back. It feels damn weird. Hehe... The dogs don't seem to mind it at all, but it's funny to see their ears get blown backward. :)

This present goes along perfectly with the new Weird Al album my parents got me. I dunno how, but they just seem to match. ;)

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That is so awesome! :-)

Why does it seem like you always get kids toys?

Oh wait. 'cuz you do.

Ok so now you can answer the question "how does it work" that we were discussing way back when!


Pulling back on the center knob of the loose non-elastic pleated plastic impermeable membrane causes the internal volume of the container to increase, thereby drawing in air through the opening in the front to equalize air pressure.

Letting go of the knob releases the potential energy created when pulling back on it stretched the bungee cord strung across the diameter of the opening with its center attached to the knob.

That energy exerts a force on the center of the plastic membrane in the direction of the center of the opening. As the membrane quickly reforms into its inward position, this causes the internal volume of the container to decrease rapidly. To maintain air pressure equilibrium, a mass of air equal to the difference in air masses occupying the container in its relaxed and expanded states exits the front opening of the container.

As for the focused nature of the shockwave of air, that probably has something to do with fluid dynamics and the shape of the container, which I never learned. :-P

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