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Only Dave...

Letterman, that is.

He came on his show tonight explaining that he cut his finger while chopping onions. I didn't pick up how recently this happened, but I'm going to guess it was within hours of the show because here's what he did...

He starts the show with his pinky finger wrapped in gauze and bandaged. After the monologue, he sits down and explains about the finger injury and how deep the cut is. He also tells us what meal he was preparing and displays the recipe on the screen. His friend Rupert down at the Hello Deli is given the task of preparing that meal during the show.

Meanwhile, he says he brought his hand surgeon doctor on the show to treat the cut! Out walk two doctors and two nurses (probably just models) who sit down next to Dave's desk and lay out a surgical mat on the desk.

While the hand surgeon guy removes the bandages and gauze, the other guy has one of those tiny cameras and he's sticking it right in there on the action so when the cut was revealed, we saw it in Discovery Channel detail. The surgeon then pokes at the tip of the finger to show how the skin actually flaps freely because of how deep the cut is.

Then he cleans the wound and proceeds to close it up with 3 stiches, blood dripping everywhere. Meanwhile, Dave is still chatting with the audience like nothing is going on, and he decides that now would be a good time to check in on Rupert.

We see Rupert in his kitchen cooking something that looks very tasty in his frying pan. While he pokes at it with his spatula, they cut to a split screen. So now on the right half of the screen we see a delicious meal cooking in a frying pan, and on the left half we see Dave's bloody finger up close being stiched up.

To use one of Dave's favorite sayings, "TV history was made here tonight, folks."
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