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My Brother, the Doctor
Things I did in Boston this weekend:
I could comment more on each thing, but I figure most people are probably more likely to read this in list format. So, if you want to know more, ask me. :)

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Sounds like you had a good time. Isn't the big dig neat??

Yeah, I had seen shows about it on the Discovery channel and such. I still don't quite understand how tunnel-jacking works. I could see a segment up to 300ft long being inserted that way, but what about the segments 1 mile in and around 4 turns? I can't imagine how they can jack all those segments forward at once like a worm through topsoil.

The explanations on the Big Dig site aren't very clear at all. They were either written by a writer unfamiliar with construction who was given vague information and forced to reproduce it without understanding it, or by a construction worker unfamiliar with writing.

Boston!?!??! No FAIR! You should come check out Murray Hill, it's really lame. :-P

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