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Lunar Eclipse
I missed it. :( I knew about it last night because APOD mentioned it, but as midnight came tonight I forgot to go look. I just looked now, but even though it's still coming out of the eclipse, this part isn't visible to the eye. It just looks normal again now. The part where it looks red only lasted until about 12:07am.

Too bad, it's a really clear view from here too. Superman, fly me around the world really fast so I can go back in time and see it!

It's not actually the midnight of the 15th/16th yet, so I didn't miss anything. No wonder the sky was so clear tonight. Tomorrow night it will probably be cloudy and I won't forget to look.

So, take this as a service announcement. Check the sky Thursday night for the red moon!

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at about what time? midnight?

The red part lasts from 11:14 to 12:07. The partial eclipse starts at 10:03 and ends at 1:17, but that part may not be noticable. I don't think it will be like a solid border crossing over the surface, but more like just a gradual fade of the whole thing.

Oops, actually the partial eclipse from 10:03 to 1:17 should be visible. It's the penumbral eclipse surrounding those times that isn't visible. For a diagram explaining it better, scroll down to the big blue image half way down this page: http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/extra/TLE2003May15.html

And I'm not sure what the partial eclipse will look like... if there is a moving border, I would expect it to be quite blurred. But the site doesn't say.

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