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That's My Baby
This show on Animal Planet has the most annoying theme song ever. Well, it's only made annoying because they play the exact same 8-note ditty about 20 times during every half-hour show at the start and end of every commercial break and at the beginning and end of each show, which often run back-to-back.

(Hi Mom! Happy Mother's Day! No, I can't hear your TV. Why do you ask?)


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It's such an amazing thing to see an animal through it's stages of birth and how cute the baby looks when it arrives.. Sometimes I wonder how some animals can carry such large babies.You feel as if you are there with the animal when it's ready to give birth. I enjoy the suspence the show gives if there is a problem with the animal.I've also had times when I cried when the baby was a still born. I'll always enjoy watching the show to see new animals I've never even seen before.I hope others feel the same way about the show as I do.

Oh the show can be very engaging, like you say. I just don't care for the theme song. :)

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