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Ok this was a weird dream...

I'm not even sure where it would've taken place. I seemed to be in a building with friends (well, except for one guy who was the antagonist) that in some ways resembled my grandparents' house and in other ways resembled my sister's house, and in yet another way resembled some weird combination between an ice rink and nuclear cooling tower.

The antagonist has this plot - for some reason he wants to destroy the town and make a statement about the power company's lack of thoroughness. He somehow knows about this vulnerability in a control system that moderates the ice level on the lower floor of this strange house we're in. (Yet the power plant seems like a remote entity, so I don't understand how this house is connected, but anyway...) He brags and brags about how he could quickly tell the system to open the drain and turn off the cooling system, causing all the ice to melt and then drain, which would for some reason indicate a reactor leak/meltdown situation that would kill people - specifically, those of us standing on the upper floor of the house, which would disappear and make us fall into the lower floor.

Well we didn't believe it, but one day he actually did it. We saw him punching buttons in a control box and tried to stop him, but it was too late. Not only did he set events in motion for the meltdown, but he locked us into the house and disconnected all our communication lines.

I went down into the basement (which didn't seem to be the same as the lower floor with all the ice) claiming to just be going to get a drink... (my grandparents keep their canned carbonated beverages (no soda/pop debates here) in the old fridge at the bottom of the basement stairs). But I wandered forward into the front part of the basement that is under the front porch to see if our antagonist had remembered to lock all the windows. One of my friends came down to join me. (I don't recognize who she was supposed to be.) We found one of the small windows unlocked in that front part of the basement, so I quietly opened it up and removed the screen. We decided that I should be the one to escape even though she's skinnier, because I know the city of Reading a bit better than she does (where my grandparents live).

So I manage to get out and I'm roaming the streets. It looks nothing like Reading, but I don't seem to care in the dream. I don't remember all the places I went, but I ended up in some sort of bar at one point that had a TV playing the news, and the power company had issued a statement that something is wrong but they don't know what. I said I had to find a phone and call them to tell them what our evil friend had done, because they apparently didn't know about it (like the building/house is a remote part of their system that would take a while to narrow down or something).

I don't remember if I ever found a phone, but I ended up in some weird camper/trailer because I was trying to hide from the evil guy who was most certainly looking for me by now.

At one point the trailer (moving on its own somehow) was positioned near some dancing cacti. Yeah, full-sized cacti like you'd expect to see only in a desert, and they were in someone's back yard in Reading, PA. And they were dancing. And spitting. And singing like the signing bush in The Three Amigos.

I don't remember anything else except that I was disappointed to wake up before finding out how things ended.

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