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Mailwasher's bouncing is stupid

I've just finally realized this, because I was curious what it looked like... so I sent a test message to one of my own addresses and had Mailwasher bounce it. The bounced message was bounced not from the original recipient address, but from my final address!

That is a bad thing, see, because if a spammer sends me a message to my price.org, fathom.org, or rit.edu address and I bounce it, they'll receive the bounce from my rr.com address. First of all, since the bounce error they receive doesn't mention the original address at all, they have no idea to delete it from their list (if they care to, which I know most probably won't anyway). So, the primary function of bouncing isn't even working. But secondly, by sending a bounce error from an address different than that to which they sent me the spam, I'm effectively GIVING them a new address at which to spam me! Bouncing is doing more harm than good!

And there's no way to tell it to only bounce messages that are actually addressed to my rr.com address. For those the bouncing actually wouldn't hurt and might help. But for all other messages, it's just incredibly stupid to be sending a bounce message. So I disabled bouncing altogether.

The other functions of Mailwasher are still valuable though, such as blacklisting, remote deleting, filtering, etc. So I'll continue to use it for that. But I think they really need to re-evaluate their bouncing strategy.

By the way, Mailwasher sucks for another reason too now... and that would be that they decided to make a "Free" and "Pro" version. All fine and dandy, except that they REMOVED features from the previous version to make the new Free version. That means that if I "upgrade" to the latest version, I lose features. How stupid is that?

A common theme in this entry seems to be stupidity. If it wasn't for all the stupid aspects of Mailwasher, I might actually shell out the money for the pro version even if just for the sake of supporting a good program. But sorry, I'm not going to support stupidity.
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