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Update from Naples
I've been at my sister's house since Friday night. She and her family took off Saturday morning on vacation and I'm here to watch the house and keep the pets alive.

I went out to Radio Shack to buy a MIDI cable to replace the one their bunny chewed up... so I've been keeping myself occupied playing the cool acoustic/electric piano hooked up to the computer. The strings are about 35 cents flat, but I found two solutions to that. :) The first is to disengage the strings and use it as a MIDI controller for the Sound Blaster. 128 instruments at my disposal. :D The other is to use the EAX settings on the sound blaster to make everything it plays pitch-shifted down by 35 cents to match the piano so I can play along to it. I saved that as an EAX setting so my sister can make use of it. I'll have to tell her about it.

I had to install Winamp3 on here because Windows Media Player was skipping like crazy for no reason I could tell, and for streaming audio it went to the next song every time the current song was done downloading (which was usually only 30 seconds into the song). And XING MP3 player, which they use here, "couldn't render" a lot of the files and streams I wanted to play.

So I've been listening to Jon Schmidt playlists and I also made some playlists out of RITSMA's Tuesday At The Clock recordings, which I created for them as their sound guy.

There's something wonky about this computer. It seems like there's a conflict between the hard drive controller and the system bus or something. Whenever the hard drive is churning, the mouse cursor freezes and music playback skips. Like, exactly with the hard drive noises. Grind = freeze. I'm not going to try to troubleshoot it though. The whole computer is a mess. It's Win98 loaded with every Hot Wheels, Barbie and Lego game in existence. The Start->Programs submenu is 2 screens high. My solution would be to reformat. :) That wouldn't necessarily fix the hardware conflict, but it would make it easier to solve.

I'm gonna stop here because if I write any more I should use an lj-cut. :)

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Does it have the HotWheels Stunt Track Driver software!?? That's an AWESOME Game! You should play it. My brother has it... I can play in for hours on end. :-P

Even better... It has "Hot Wheels® Stunt Track Driver 2 - GET'N DIRTY(TM)"

I fear how crappily games will perform on this computer.

You gotta try it, though, 'cuz it's just so AWESOME!

I did. It is quite lame. I guess I could see how a kid would enjoy it though. There's no skill involved. You land at the other end of the ramp no matter what - you don't even need to have the right speed. Cartoon physics, basically.

And, as I feared, the system choked a lot. The video would just freeze for 3 seconds at a time in the middle of a race. But the audio continued, strangely.

Yeah, we've had the video freeze but not the audio problem...... but crashing is the best part of the game! I can't believe they changed that.

Well, if you try to do a trick in the air and don't straighten out before landing, you will "crash", but it's nothing spectacular. 2 seconds of crashing noises and then the car continues on the track like nothing happened.

So, I'm easily amused. :-P Give me a break. Did you try making your own track?

Nah, I was too disenchanted to bother. :-P

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