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Ice Storm
We heard a couple large snaps and crashes in the middle of the night...
Night 1 Night 2

There was also some close thunder and lightning. Some transformers arced off in the distance that illuminated the sky as all the lights in the neighborhood dimmed.

This morning we found another branch down on the deck that took out the picnic table and bird feeders...

Morning Deck 1 Morning Deck 2 Morning Deck 3

Pretty soon we heard a firetruck siren approaching. It parked outside our neighbor's house. We couldn't see any branches laying on the house or anything. Certainly no fire. They initially parked the truck under a nice big tree that amazingly hasn't lost any branches yet...

Fire Truck 1

...but soon enough came to their senses and moved it out of harm's way.

Fire Truck 2

We got it pretty good, too... no thunder or lightening, though. Mostly ice. And we found out the reason that people take down their window screens in the winter. I'll post those later. :-)

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