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Moon Halo Labeled
I saw this Astronomy Picture of the Day and decided to label my own Moon halo photo too...

Moon Halo w/ Labels
(click thumbnail for full size image)

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I don't think so, APOD didn't doodle and draw stick figures all over their picture. They are professional.

They're constellations, not stick figures. APOD assumes its readers are astronomically inclined. I don't assume the same of my LJ readers, which is why I drew in the constallations to help people see them.

And my "doodling" was most unobstrustive. The lines don't touch the stars they connect, so the original image of them is still visible. Plus they are incredibly faint besides, so as not to detract from the contrast of the stars themselves.

And that's exactly what I was referring to when I said that your's is "cooler". :-P

Again, good job... :-)

Yes, i know. it was a joke, yours looks better with the constellations in.

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