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I'm "beta-testing" the new LJ look.

My only complaint so far is... where's the link to News!?!

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I like the veritcal navigation thing... everything is all laid out for you without having to think, "What catagory should _____ be under?".... but then that could just be my stuck-in-a-rut-ed-ness.

I thought that too, but I'm willing to give the new navigation bar a chance.

I also liked the other font they used for default text - I think it was Verdana, not sure. But the new one looks a bit smaller, rounder, and not as easy to read.

Oooh, changes... They added site news to the menu and reinstated Verdana in most places by popular request. :)

Yeah, the default font doesn't show up in Opera... looks great in IE, but you know.... cross-browser compatiblity, people!

I thought they said they were having better luck with Opera support than IE6. Maybe it was Mozilla. In any case, they ARE testing on multiple browsers. That's what beta testing is all about. It won't go live until it's fully supported on the most popular (and some less popular) browsers.

Hmm... in general I like it. It'd be nice if the comments page didn't make the window and text oversized the way it does on mine...

Wow this sucks ASS!

I've been looking for 15 minutes for a way to edit a style. I found a way to CREATE a style but that doesn't do me a whole fucklotta good, does it? I have to go back OUT of beta just to do this. I don't think I'll be trying this anytime soon (read: in the next 50 years or so)

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