Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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*pump*pump* ****arm*, *pump*pump* *arm****

I beat opalcat at checkers! Haha! You suck!

In other news, the bumblebee bat is the smallest animal that yawns. I was curious and she looked it up for me. You rock!

Oh yeah, and I'm back from a GREAT weekend of hockey and fun with friends out at RIT. We beat Elmira on Friday 5-3. (The subject line above is a textual representation of this stupid celebration dance the Elmira fans were doing after they got a goal. The Corner Crew was making fun of them.) Then Saturday we beat Utica 8-4. Before the game, tenthz and I watched Back to the Future parts I and II. After the game, we watched part III. She had never seen any of them before. Sunday I slept in, then had a late lunch and joined in a game of "Fact or Fiction" before heading back home in time for dinner.
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