Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price


I just love senseless slowdowns on the highway. I was driving the thruway home and suddenly I saw break lights ahead. Ok, 2 lanes, I see construction signs, so I figure one lane is closed. But I can't tell which. Both lanes are moving, just slowly. After about a half mile of a steady 5mph, I see "RIGHT LANE CLOSED 1000 FT" ahead. When we get to it, the huge truck in front of me (we're in the left lane) signals and moves over to the RIGHT lane... Huh? Yeah. He did. The lane didn't close! The 2 lanes remained open the whole time, and after the spot where the right lane was supposed to close, both lanes slowly sped back up to 75mph!

No obstruction at all. Just a bunch of people slowing down because one person started it.
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