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If you're not too busy...
...could someone show me how to pack?

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I'd help... but I'm still trying to unpack from moving a month and a half ago cause I did such a bad job packing that I can't figure out what to do with the random things I threw in boxes... (Which is why I should never be allowed to pack by myself *cough*packrat*cough*)

That's exactly the problem I want to try to avoid. Someone else already suggested just throwing it all in boxes and organizing it later. :)

But it's not just that. I'm having problems like... books... The smallest box I have will be too heavy when I put enough books in it so they won't shift around and get damaged.

No, I'm not exactly moving cross country. Yet. I anticipate that a lot of this stuff will remain packed until I find a job and a new place to live, then move there.

Packrat indeed... I need to toss a lot of this junk. Somehow.

Here's a few ideas:

1. Invest in Rubbermaid bins. They're strong, they're durable. They have handles. They're good for books too.

2. Go to Sprawl Mart. Look at the label aisle, and they should have stickers that say things like "KITCHEN" "LIVING ROOM", etc... Use these lables to mark your bins. (And boxes too)

3. Sell stuff. Make a flyer of stuff you're getting rid of. Make copies, put it up on the bulletin boards at RIT.

4. Prioritize. Put important stuff, like, winter clothes into boxes that you pack last. You'll need those first when you get home.

5. Contact alexatrit. Offer him some of the junk you want to get rid of. Or post it to the Dumpsterdiving community. Tell them, that you're getting rid of stuff, but you want to save them the dive in this cold weather. Oh yeah... tell them where you're located at.

6. There is no rule 6.

7. No poofters!

Hope this helps a bit.

Thanks. I could have told myself most of that, but the problem is actually DOING it.

I do have some Rubbermaid bins, and they hold a few things, but not nearly enough.

What types of junk is alexatrit interested in? Old video cards? Pieces of metal? LCD ripped out of a dead calculator?

If they're dumpster divers, then probably anything leftover. :)

If they're dumpster divers, then probably anything leftover. Even the food you don't want. :)

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