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(AP) For all the intriguing matchups through 36 Super Bowls, the one that never occurred was No. 1 vs. No. 1. That changes on Sunday.

I always thought the definition of the Super Bowl was the best AFC team vs. the best NFC team. Why would it be anything else?

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Hmm... I'm equally boggled.

Sports, it's not the games that are confusing it's the media covering them...like Madden, it's a damn good thing that man knows football b/c he surely doesn't know anything else!!
Okay, off the tangent...
The bowl is taken from post season play which is set up by the regular season, giving teams seeds and such. The statement itself had nothing really to do with anything, just some reporter trying to say something catchy. LA, in my opinion, could have done better in the regular season and got lucky in the Post, which brought them to the big game. They lost any way so hehe.
And it truly is rarely the BEST teams, it's just the ones that get there shit together and have their star players off the injured list in the Post season.

Hope it helps :-)

Re: A bit of insight...

Thanks. :) I had a feeling it was something nonsensical like that. hehe

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