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Light Pillars
I glanced outside just now and saw this...

Click to access photo album to choose higher resolutions.

The Astronomy Picture of the Day site featured a photo of this same phenomenon a few months ago, and they explain what causes it.

In my photo, the light was coming from a nearby car dealership.

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Nope. Just a 1-second exposure, which IDS fails to report. Anything a whole second or longer shows up as "Unknown". I checked the code and it's quite stupid, spitting out the line as "1/" followed by a value, followed by "s". I'm not sure how exposures of 1 second or more are represented in the JPEG metadata, but the IDS code apparently doesn't even attempt to deal with it.

I could've lightened up the image because it's a bit dark, but then it would seem like photographic dishonesty. :) I'm counting on the majority of viewers having their CRT brightness cranked up beyond all reason, which I have found is typically the case. But then there are the new breed popping up like you with LCD monitors, and you all suck. :-P

What can I say about my LCD monitor except, "My dad made me do it!"... after much discussion he convinced me to spend the extra few hundred dollars of my money... funny how that works....

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