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It's cold.

The thermostat is set to 74°, but it reports a temp of 64°. I guess the floorboard heaters can't keep up with the sub-zero windchills outside.

The roommate are gone. They only left a handful of things behind... a poster and painting on the walls, some bottles of alcohol in the kitchen... But they really moved everything out in one fell swoop while I slept in. They'll be back later to help me clean before we turn in our keys by next Friday.

Maybe when they were moving out, they had the doors propped open and let all the heat escape, and it just hasn't been able to recover from that. But it doesn't seem like the heaters are cranked to full. Maybe the building as a whole is demanding too much heat and the boiler can't keep up. If it's a forced water heating system. I don't even know. Might be electric, but it's not included in my electric bill. "Free heat and hot water" makes me think they're connected.

So... I've got a lot of packing ahead of me. I already packed a few things that I needed to get out of the way for my roommates to move out, like the rollercoaster on their entertainment center, my stereo receiver, videotapes, and my fountain in the hallway. But simply moving those things into my room doesn't give me much of a sense of getting started on the packing.

It's not that I don't want to pack. I just don't know how, or where to start. It would be nice to be on top of everything like the roommates were.
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