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Wouldn't you like to have a journal, too?
As I was paying for my groceries at Wegmans just now, the girl running the check-out line commented on my LiveJournal t-shirt. She said she had a journal here. :) We should've exchanged usernames. Oh well. Her nametag said Shirly... or Shirley, but I don't remember the e.

Just saw LotR:TTT for the first time. Yes, yes, it took me this long. Can you ever forgive me? Well anyway, it was pretty cool. I liked Legolas's method of mounting a charging horse. Very nice. :) One thing that stuck out to me was how similar Gollum looks, acts and speaks, to Harry Potter's house elf Dobby. I'm not saying either one copied the other and I don't care. The characters are quite different as written in the books, I'm sure. But I think the character designers for the movies could have tried a little harder to not make one remind people of the other. If they didn't give it any thought in that respect, they should have.

And I know Gollum was in the first LotR movie long before Dobby was in the second Harry Potter movie (at least in terms of release to us... I dunno about the design process) ... but Gollum didn't seem so similar to Dobby in the first film. Only in the second one does he change from a mysterious creepy cave-crawling thing to a bashful wimpy nuisance like Dobby.

I noticed that on some close-ups of Gollum they were shaking the camera just to show that they could. :-P They need to learn to shoot digital characters as if they're real people. How would they shoot the scene if Gollum was played by a real actor who looks like that? That's how they should shoot it for a digital character. But nevertheless, Gollum is the best (technically) digital character in a live action film to date.

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Re: Gollum v. Dobby

Okay. So Gollum was obviously written way before Dobby... J.R.Tolkien was dead by the time J.K Rowling was born... I'm pretty sure... or atleast close to it. Anyway, as I see it, the characters both serve the same purpose in their respective story lines... not exactly likable, possibly skitso, but a definately necassary "evil" in terms of plot(hint, hint, read the books :-P ).

Re: Gollum v. Dobby

r- ... read?

Re: Gollum v. Dobby

Yeah. It's this thing people do with books... or you could just listen to them on tape or CD.

Re: Gollum v. Dobby

t- ... tape?

::Gollum is the best (technically) digital character in a live action film to date.::

Gollum is that... hehe. I'm definitely glad they made him 3D instead of getting a someone to play him and wear costuming makeup type stuff. I am very bothered by the orcs... with all the make up they have very little room for facial movement so they look all stiff and masky. It drives me nuts...

I didn't notice the camera shaking, though it wouldn't really surprise me. Ooooh, yeah, and the dynamics (animated fire and water)... ooo... they did a nice job with those...

But I think that works for the orcs... I would expect such a creature's skin to be very tough and leathery. Was it described otherwise in the books?

Personally, I thought they did a *great* job creating the Orcs... they matched very well with the image that I had in my mind as I was reading the books. I should go back and read them all again before the 3rd movie comes out... something to do this summer. :-)

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