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Stupid scammer...
So, this idiot IMs me through Yahoo and starts telling me how he's going to set me up with my dream job, and he starts listing all the "amazing" facts about it one by one, like working 10 hours a week. So I told him to cut to the catch and save us both some time, and he told me there's a "start-up cost" of $249. Oh yeah, this sounds legit. So then I decided to have a little fun with him. Here's how the conversation ended. :)

IM conversation

(It should be noted that his last line was preceded by about a 5 minute pause. ;) )

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*evil laughter* :)

You know, I didn't tell anyone here to go to that link. You did that to yourself. ;)

But I must say... you get a better understanding of what it's all about by seeing it yourself than just having it explained.

And if it makes you feel any better, I fell for it too the first time, so I know how it feels. That's why I sent this scammer there. :)

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