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Happy Christmas Eve!
Yeah, so I was walking around Borders yesterday and guess what music they happened to be playing there... None other than Carmina Burana. :)

Oh yeah, I neglected to write about the TSO concert I attended last week, at which they performed their version of Carmina Burana. Well, not neglected. More like didn't bother trying. It blew me away. I fear I may never see anything better the rest of my life. It's difficult to improve on perfection.

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Well... have no fear... TSO might be doing a Beethoven's Last Night tour... and if they are, you can come with me... I will do whatever it takes to see that... :-)

They WILL be doing a BLN tour. And it'll be great, because they won't embark until it's perfect. :)

But I still hold my concern, because it's like I've been artistically spoiled. They can't make the show better by adding any more lights, and they can't improve on their artistic or technical performances which were perfect...

They only way I could have a higher experience would be to have a closer seat. And maybe if their "orchestra" looked more complete. Perhaps if they had a huge video screen to assist telling the story and it was synchronized perfectly with the music, that would impress me even more. But I think I'd rather see live acting tell the story than a video, so that could be good or bad.

It's like... I could only be blown away by something once. Even if they supposedly double the impressiveness of their show, it would only be a minor step up for me compared to the major step up from nothing to my first experience of their show.

They've raised their own bar by x, and I just think it would be impossible to raise it by another x.

But if anyone can do it, they can. :)

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