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Da Vinci's Notebook
They just kick ass. :)

Saw them tonight at Hamilton College. It was a little over a 2-hour road trip to get there but well worth it. I finally got to see them perform "EP". :) The venue was really nice, too. They call it an "Events Barn" - it's a big circular 2-story dome-topped room attached to a building that feels like a ski lodge. It was very warm and cozy and bright and friendly, and we sat in the very front. :-D But as such, I didn't feel like pulling out my camera because I knew they'd see me taking pictures and tease me somehow. :-P Too bad, because they had a lot of great photo ops and the lighting was great.

And misch is great for driving us. :) (Check his LJ for possibly a more detailed synopsis of the concert.)

But now I need sleep.