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Well Hello! :)
I just saw Tracy, Sean and Connor at the mall! Turns out they moved into town. Cool! Connor is so adorable, even though he has no eyebrows. ;) Well ok, they're there, just invisible. He came over and danced on my table at the food court with one sock missing. I was there eating with Ryan.

We tried out the new "Famous Wok" Chinese place that replaced the lame-looking one I never tried. This one is all purple and yellow like and colorful and happy, like it's trying to copy Taco Bell's look... I think it's run by the same people or at least uses the same supplier as the Flaming Wok in East View Mall, because the food is all the same, plus they set out their samples of Snapple products on the counter the same way. Well anyway, it was decent.

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I hope "decent" is atleast the same as the one that used to be there... that place was awesome. :-)

It's good as far as fast food Chinese goes. I'm afraid I can't compare it to what the place used to be, since I never went there. You'll just have to go see for yourself. :-P

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