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Moon Halo
Of course it looked better in person, being able to make out the surface of the full moon, but the camera did a decent job considering. I also took a shot with a power transformer on a pole blocking out the moon, to sort of "prove" that the halo is in the sky and not in the camera's optics. :)

Moon Halo

Gotta love those ice crystals.

In other news, RIT beat Geneseo 9-5 at tonight's away game. :-D There was a very substantial Corner Crew presence there. We went through a good number of our cheers, including Rip Rip Rip. :) But it was Stick Boy's last game with the Crew. We'll miss him. :(

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You actualy pulled out RipRipRip at an AWAY game?! I'm impressed.


We also pulled out "If you can't go to college, go to state" ... twice. :) The second time was just because it was so damn quiet waiting for the 3rd period to start.

We even had a Paw Kid stand-in, despite the fact that the penalty box was in front of a section of Geneseo fans. :) But there was a little scuffle as he tried to escape and he suffered a paw injury before his bodyguard stepped in.

For most of the 2nd and 3rd periods, there was a trooper perched on the walkway overlooking our corner section. He didn't do anything.

Oh, and between the first two periods, apparently some Geneseo fan infiltrated our section in an attempt to steal Port-A-Bell. He was actually sitting next to me at one point, and Alex was just 2 rows down with his foot resting on the bell. I guess the guy never saw an opportunity and simply left peacefully.

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