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Going up?

Danzig and Woolley have this song called The 13th Floor that has been stuck in my head repeatedly since hearing them perform it last Tuesday. It even worked its way into my dreams. :-P

This morning I was dreaming that I was some sort of clever architect or something, and I had designed this building that actually DOES have a 13th floor but it's so small that nothing fits in it. Somehow, I found myself inside the walls of this building, walking alongside two I-beams on top of each other separated by only a quarter inch or so, and that quarter inch was the 13th floor of the building. It seemed like I was in defiance of the traditional method of simply skipping the floor number of 13. My building actually had a 13th floor that could be labeled as such, and I seemed to be laughing at the lyrics.

But then it turned into a nightmare, and I found myself holding a wire from hand to hand. Now it seemed I had built the building this way so I could sneak around in the walls and into someone's bedroom (apparently it's a hotel) where I then proceeded to strangle them with the wire in my hands. But just as I started to do so, suddenly I felt like I was the one being strangled, and that's when I woke up startled.

Weird. I almost never have nightmares.
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