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Hmm... should I?
Audio Editor
Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Public Radio seeks an Audio Editor to record, edit, mix and create a variety of audio programming for broadcast, including fund-raising, promotions, news and classical music. This position will ensure that all audio is at the highest possible quality.

Requirements: Proficient at digital editing software (e.g., ProTools, Cool Edit). Detailed, deadline and multi-task oriented. Ability to record ambient audio in the field. Familiar with ISDN and satellite audio feeds. Knowledge of CD ripping/burning, audio files conversions and public radio programming desirable.

Send examples of production work, resume, letter of interest and at least 3 references (including phone numbers) to VP Broadcasting, Colorado Public Radio, 2249 S. Josephine Street, Denver, CO 80210.

Position is open until filled. Salary is competitive, with full benefits.

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My answer to new opportunities is always YES!!!!!

Go for it!

Go for it! You'd love it!

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!! That would be absolutely PERFECT for you! You'd love it! Go for it!!!! :-)

I just wish there was something like that around here. :-P

I found that job listing through Google, actually. :) I specifically searched for "cool edit" with other terms found in job descriptions like "requirements" and "salary". But when I added "rochester" to it, it didn't find anything about Cool Edit. :(

I'm not sure what I would send as my sample work though, and 3 references would be tough...

Just do it.

Change is not always bad. And you never know....

If you move to Colorado I promise I'll come join you. :) Or at least visit. But seriously, apply! :)

Hehe, that was actually on my mine. :) Too bad that inline skate tour thing didn't work out. But I'm sure you could find something else you love around there. :)

You can do it! You can do it all night long!

I know, because I have before. ;)

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