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You haven't lived...

...until you've seen STAR WARS in an IMAX THEATER!!! I did just that tonight and was I ever blown away!

I wasn't sure what to expect, knowing that the film wasn't actually shot with IMAX cameras, which is what's needed to get the incredible detail that is characteristic of IMAX films. However, I didn't dismiss the possibility that the digital cameras they DID use to shoot Episode II were far better quality than their film predecessors, possibly nearing that of IMAX film.

But still, how would they adapt a movie shot in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen to a screen half that width (or double the height, depending how you look at it) without losing a lot of quality? I was prepared to possibly view a letterboxed showing of the movie on the IMAX screen, since I would think if they zoomed in for a pan/scan version, the detail just wouldn't be there.

Well, they sure proved me wrong! I've never seen the Lucasfilm logo glisten in such clarity. And everything I saw from that point on amazed me just the same. I didn't need to see Jar Jar's face 5 stories tall though, thank you. They could've easily cut that second out to save some valuable IMAX print film. :-P

On a funny note, when the "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." text came up, some joker said, "Hey, I've seen this one." :)

Ok, so every scene was in enormous detail, blah blah blah. Somehow they pulled off a decent pan & scan edit on it. I didn't feel like I missed anything. The immersive audio experience was way better than even the surround-equipped theaters of normal size. But sometimes I felt like the subwoofer only had one frequency: "rumble". They could impress me a little better with a sub that actually produces a quality range of ultra-low frequencies at high power. :)

And then the credits... Many people missed this because they walked out when the one-liner credits were going up. But after the big name one-liners stopped, instead of starting a scroll, they flashed up just a few pages full of 3 tall columns of credits each! And except for the fact that they didn't leave them up long enough to read it all, it was actually VERY legible! Hey, I guess if you've got that much detail to work with, might as well make use of it and not waste film. :)

All in all, an AWESOME experience! They exceeded my expectations. :)
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