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Let it snow...
First Snow 2002

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I have to laugh- is this really a Rochester resident WISHING for snow? You people are crazy!!! :)

Yes I'm wishing for snow. We haven't gotten our share for the past several years, while Buffalo and Syracuse get to swim in the stuff. It's not fair! :-P

Buffalo swimming in snow is a myth. The only reason you think that is that Buffalo gets that one really nasty blizzard before the lake has a chance to freeze. Then once it does, Buffalo has gotten nada. Trust me. :)

I know, but you always get on the news for that one nasty blizzard that drops 4 feet of snow and it makes me so JEALOUS! :-P

I'm upset. It started to snow, and it started to collect, then it all just melted. Boo.

*yea* SNOW!!!!! I started dancing on the Q-Mile today when it started... and then I got home and pulled out my nice winter coat.... We're supposed to get more tomorrow! :-)

At least yours kinda stuck...

The second it hit it just made for mud and puddles. I guess Tug Hill got a foot (if u know where that is.) Up here we usually get squat for snow, maybe two feet all year, but it's colder than hell. First snow means they'll be sending the snow makers out on Titus soon which means skiing for all!!!!

Re: At least yours kinda stuck...

Actually, driving home tonight the streets were getting covered and it was coming down pretty hard. I felt like singing "Winter Wonderland" :) It's all sprikled gently all over the trees and everything.

Re: At least yours kinda stuck...

Still dreaming of a white Christmas ::Shivers:: Brrrrrrrr

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