Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price


Going on a wooden roller coaster in pouring rain is awesome. :) (Went to Darien Lake today.) Know what else is awesome but I never would've guessed it? That new ride "Twister". It looks kinda stupid to me, but lemme tell ya - you get on it and it's such a rush. :) And it's not sickening because it doesn't turn you left or right. All movement is along a single plane. It's a 2-dimensional ride. :)

My friends and I were having fun doing this sort of "anti-screaming" on the rides. Basically, we scream in the boring parts, and let everyone else scream in the parts that scare them. :) It's hilarious. As the Twister was just getting us started around the first circle, we all started screaming like mad. The ride operators loved that. :) Especially the one who told us that he'd only let us go twice if we were loud enough. He got more than he asked for. :)

After that, we went on the Pirate Ship.... only because the operator of the Twister said he was going over there to work the rest of the night. But when we got there he left. :-/ Well we rode anyway, and we did our screaming thing again. Every time our side moved backwards, we screamed our heads off. There were a bunch of little kids in front of us and they were all freaked out. It's so awesome. :) Then we started chanting "Upside-Down! Upside-Down! . . ." Of course, the operator probably thought we were stupid cuz he couldn't even make the ride go upside-down if he wanted to, but the point was we did it to scare the kids. :) One of them was truly petrified... "No, not upside-down!!!!"

Yes, even the most boring rides can be made plenty of fun with the right people riding it. :)

I also saw Batman Thrill Spectacular for the first time. Hey, we were bored. And I had no objection to trying something new. Basically it was cool and sucked at the same time, I think. Their attempt at giving the show some sort of plot was a terrible failure. But at the same time I could see all the work that went into it... live acting (including dialog and punching sounds during fights) perfectly lined up with a sound track... plus the stunts and effects were pretty good. I mainly liked the fact that when they made those huge fireballs on the stage, we could feel the warmth of the fire way back in the 20th row of seats. :) Nothing I need to see again, but for a free (well, no additional charge) show, it wasn't a waste of time.

For a rainy day, it was still a pretty busy day at the park. When the rain really poured hard, we played some arcade games for about a half hour. Then it thundered so the rides shut down for another hour, so we ate lunch at Maria's. Mmm.. spaghetti. :) Long wait though cuz everyone else had the same idea.

All in all, a great day spent with friends. I even talked to a few strangers! Maybe I'm finally fighting off my introversion. :)

Time for bed. *crash*
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