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Dan Price

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Sweet dude! Yes! YES!

(that's my Cartman impression)

Anyway... check this out! The DemoDVD project is nearing completion, and I found that they released a trailer at Assembly 2002 two months ago. They now have that trailer available for download... it's 23MB, but well worth it! You can't skimp on quality for this stuff. (And actually, according to the filename, the 23MB file is the LOW quality version.)

I'm mainly interested in this DVD for the Future Crew stuff, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the others that are new to me as well.

Remember Second Reality? They got it. :)

Remember Panic? Got that too. :)

Links to the full trailer are provided on the DemoDVD site, but I stuck it up on my server as well. Yeah, 23MB at 30KB/sec is agonizing, but at least it's there, just in case.

I can't wait for this DVD to come out! :)
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