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Hockey & Party

Well, hockey season is back at RIT. As Big Goon said, "Happy New Year!" :) We trashed St. Claire 6 to 3. RIT's side of the stands was actually quite full, like it's already the end of the season or something. I don't recall such a turnout for games in the earlier season just a few years ago. We actually got a wave to go around 3 times. Our usual deejay Hawk wasn't there, so Paul was doing his best to fill in and getting yelled at for his selection of tracks. It's a tough job. I doubt I'd be able to do it. Hawk is just incredibly experienced or something, because he kicks ass at it without even appearing to put much effort into it. He can still enjoy the game, while Paul seemed to have his head down looking at CD cases and wearing his headphones all the time. Yeah, anyway, it's no easy job. Oh, also, the info sheets that used to be free now cost 50¢. *shrug*

After the game a bunch of us went to Zebbs, where they had floor tiles made out of this weird material on which you can slip slowly, if that makes any sense. It's like, slippery, but with a high viscosity or something so you glide with resistance. I was having a lot of fun on it, doing a cross-country skiing stride without moving or lifting my feet. :) We wrote a story on a napkin. tenthz said she'd post it in her journal.

Then I came home to Chris' birthday party. They had a bunch of friends over and plenty of alcohol available. I hung out with them for a while, watching a movie, but chatting on top of it about other stuff, with a drunk Jamie interrupting every so often begging anyone to tell her that Katie Holmes isn't hot. (We were watching "Go.") Then people got a craving for a garbage plate, so they all took off to Nick Tahou's. I refuse to even try that place, plus I had just eaten at Zebb's, so I stayed behind. Good thing I did, because another friend of theirs showed up while they were gone. So we watched some TV to kill the time 'til they got back. One of the guys didn't go to Tahou's, but went to pick up his "stripper girlfriend" from work. So they showed up a little later. We all hung out... I played a card game called Speed with Mark (or Marc?) a few times. Then a bunch of us played Asshole, which I have determined is a REALLY dumb game when you’re not drinking. I did have a few drinks, btw. I had various types of soda and juice spiked with vodka. But I didn't have any while we were playing Asshole. Then in the middle of a conversation I wasn't in on, Emily (the "stripper") tells everyone who doesn't want to see her boobs to close their eyes, then she lifted her shirt to show the sparkly stuff on her nipples I guess she was trying to describe to someone. Doot de-doot de-doo.... Yeah.... Well duh of COURSE I looked.... :-P

Then it was moving on past 3am and people started filtering out. One guy is too drunk to drive himself home so he's sleeping here. Now I guess I'll be off to bed too. It was cool to hang out with the roommates... That might sound kinda weird, but the truth is we really don't hang out much. Not because we DON'T want to, but just because that's how it goes. Ah well.
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