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Virus protection?

Virus protection???

We don't need no stinking virus protection!

Ok, so I was working with some Zip disks from a friend when I ejected one of the disks and a few seconds later, Windows pops up a bubble informing me that there was a "delayed write failure" trying to write something to the Zip drive. Hmm. Seeing as I was only copying data OFF of it, I was led to believe that this was a symptom of some sort of virus trying to spread itself. It seemed like it failed to do so, probably because XP isn't vulnerable to its methods or something, but thought I should clean it off my system anyway.

Now, I've almost never run any virus protection on my personal computer at all. I go by the policy that if I don't jump off cliffs all the time, I don't really need to invest in a parachute. By "jumping off cliffs," I mean doing things like running strange .exe files sent to me by my friends, launching e-mail attachments without checking what they are, etc.

However, I've always been aware that even being as cautious/paranoid as I am, there could still be written a virus that could sneak in by unconventional methods I haven't heard of. But I see that as an acceptable risk compared to the cost/hassle of anti-virus software.

Therefore, I have no such protection installed at the moment, so I had no way to test my theory that the "delayed write failure" was a symptom of virus activity. Fortunately, Symantec offers a "Trialware" version of Norton AntiVirus 2002 which I was able to download and install. Even if it expires in 30 days, who cares... I just want to scan once. And if it happens to find a hundred viruses on my system that slipped through my cautious ways, maybe I'll drop the dough to keep using it.

Well, 49 minutes later...


Well, the good news is that my system has no known infections. But the bad news is that the "delayed write failure" remains a mystery. I tried searching the web for the error but can't find anything that really deals with Zip drives.
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