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Thanks, Sheriff. :)
On my way home just now in the wee late/early morning hours, I hopped on Towline Rd, a notorious speed trap in this area. The speed limit is 35, but most people go 45ish. I set my cruise control for 44. It's a long stretch of straight road and you can easily get significantly over the limit if you don't keep an eye on your speedometer, so I just set the cruise to avoid that problem.

Half way down the road, I notice some headlights behind me that weren't there before. At this time of night I was nearly the only car on these roads. There wasn't anyone near that last intersection before I turned onto Townline, so I had to figure it was either someone who pulled out of a business or home along the road, or a cop. The headlights looked pretty fancy. They were right on my ass. I turned off the cruise and slowed down to around 41 anyway, as I got closer to the light where I had to turn left.

I pulled into the left turn lane and the car behind got in the straight lane to my right. Looking in my mirrors, with street lights at the intersection I could see the body of the car now. It looked white, but I didn't see any decals or light mechanisms. Before it came to a stop at my side the light was green so I pulled out into my left turn. The car went straight and I took a look out my passenger window.

Howdy, sheriff! Thanks for not pulling me over. :) I guess he was camped out back on Townline and decided to follow me a while and see if I get excessively fast, but I didn't. He must've been hiding good though... I always look for cops along that road just out of habit. Something to do while driving that boring stretch of road so slowly. Heh.

Say, I wonder if during that whole time he was on my ass, he was looking my plate up in the computer to see if I had any sort of record. Hmm... Well there wouldn't be anything to find anyway. I've never even been pulled over. *knock on wood* And I keep saying "he" although I never saw the driver. Are there female sheriffs? Wouldn't want to be politically incorrect, oh no. :)

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*bleeping* Cherry Pickers. Just sitting their butts down on that road. *grumble*. NO I"m not bitter or anything. :-p

Say, i seem to remember Paul getting a ticket on that road, am i right?

*mumbles more* dang... ticket... grr.... 49.... *stops mumbling*

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