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Cable vs. DSL

I just overheard a conversation taking place outside my door between some sort of salesperson and one of my upstairs neighbors. They were talking loud enough that I could just stand in my kitchen and eavesdrop, which I did since they were discussing the differences between cable and DSL.

Apparently my neighbor currently has DSL, and the guy bugging him at the door was trying to sell him cable. It took me a while to confirm this, but he finally did use the name "Roadrunner." I couldn't believe Time Warner would be sending around guys like this using telemarketing attitude to get people to switch over from DSL. I mean, this guy was all over him, pulling point after point out of his ass, and interrupting with a diversion when he thought my neighbor was going to bring up a topic for which he didn't have a strong response. I also couldn't believe the wait time he was telling him - somewhere around 2 weeks until installation. I thought Time Warner had the 24-hour guarantee. Maybe that's just for responding to support calls. But still, I don't remember waiting that long for my installation.

The one thing that really stood out though, was the discussion of upload and download speeds. He told my neighbor how they guarantee 2Mb or something, claimed DSL wouldn't do so, and then he was so daring as to point out how important it is to also have a high UPLOAD speed. Ehem. Mr. Salesman, sir, do you realize that Roadrunner doesn't allow uploads any faster than 30K/sec?

I felt like opening my door and stepping in on that conversation. I dunno why I didn't.

I have to wonder if this guy is really working for Time Warner. It doesn't sound like their style at all. And if it is, maybe I'll switch to DSL.

I just called the Roadrunner helpdesk about my upload speed and they told me that 30K to 35K/sec is the average/expected upload speed for Roadrunner customers, basically confirming that this salesperson was dishonest, if he really was their salesperson. I did mention how he used the upload speed as a selling point, but they didn't seem interested in that.
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