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I found myself at some sort of a large concert. Or at least, there was a large stage with lots of speakers and stuff. But it was apparently a classical concert, and I was supposed to be in the orchestra. Specifically, they were going to play the 1812 Overture, and I was supposed to be playing percussion, but I didn't know the parts at all. I'm not sure if I was stepping in for some reason or if I had simply slacked off in my duties.

However, since I'm familiar with the piece, I knew I could at least count on being able to ring the chimes at the end, since that's all just random striking to make it sound like lots of church bells.

But during the performance, I became worried that the gong might not be audible. See, the stage was quite deep and for some reason there was a lot of clutter between the percussion in back and the front of the stage, including, for who knows what reason, a full-size van with the rear doors open and no front, facing the front of the stage.

I can only guess this weird structure was there because we were looking for a better place to hang the gong, and the back of the van happened to have this bar from which to hang stuff. Well we first tried hanging the gong's frame from it, but found that it placed the gong too low, ringing straight into the spare tire cover in front of it. We had to suspend the gong itself from the bar so it would be high enough to get through the van-like structure and out into the audience.

But the weird thing is... I don't know that the gong even plays an important role in the 1812 Overture, but in the dream I was thinking it did, so I must've thought it was used for the cannons for some reason, instead of a bass drum.

Well in any case, I don't remember getting to the end of the piece. After all, it IS fairly long... ;)
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