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Magic Boom
This is damn cool. Imagine seeing a metal rod appear to come out of nowhere. :) I'd wanna put something like this in a wall where people can look at the other side of the wall and be confused. LOL

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Okay....I'm assuming you expect it to serve no useful purpose whatsoever, right? Good.

I still think you have too much time on your hands...

But of course. :) Although, it would be cool to have a whole bunch of them with spikes on the end mounted in the walls and ceiling for a Temple of Doom sort of scene. Ooooh...

I think there is probably some sort of agreement in your lease to prevent that sort of thing... but no one has t know.... *mwhahahah*

I dunno, they allowed me to replace one of the wall switches with my X10 version. ;)

Personally I'm more concerned about where Jeremy got that picture from...

We don't talk about the "Bunny Incident"

Actually, I forget who exactly took the picture, but they made darn sure I got a copy of it. They probably kept te negatives for blackmail use later. What that version of the picture doesn't show (but IS on the full-size version) is the delighted looks on quembelle and Spaz's faces at having done that to me. I also don't have a complete memory of the event, but I have a suspicion that either pinktiger114 or quilynn (You know who my money is on) may have been respponsible for the ears. If anybody has any information on this, please contact your local authorities.


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