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Joe The King

Earlier I sat down to watch the end of a program I had to record on Replay because I couldn't stick around for it but wanted to know how it ended. But when I turned on the TV, I was taken in by this movie on the current channel (I never checked, but assume it was HBO), and ended up watching it through to the end. The whole time I had the remote in my hand, ready to go watch the show on Replay as soon as this movie got dull. But that never happened.

It wasn't just the plot, either. Actually I probably missed a main chunk of the plot that took place before I tuned in - the rest of it just tracked the life of this boy Joe. Maybe that's all it really is. But even if that's the case, it was still worth seeing because the directing and acting was amazing. There were some shots that were like 4 minutes long, moving from one camera position to another, following through a hallway into another room, including dialog here and there. All of that was caught in a single take. Doing something like that takes a very talented cast AND crew.

I don't think I've ever heard of this movie before. Has anyone else? Did it win any awards or anything? It should've. I could check IMDB but I'm too lazy right now, plus I should be in bed.

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