Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Wow, I actually saw something COOL about E-ZPass coming home from work yesterday...

When I got on, the entry plaza was really backed up. Somemthing happened with some school busses that shut down the E-Zpass lane. The lane to the right of it didn't have a booth for the employee anymore (did someone hit it?) so the employee was standing outside handing out tickets. To everyone. The E-ZPass thing wasn't working, so I had to roll down my window and take a ticket.

Well I debated whether I should just go through the E-ZPass Only lane when I exit, and correct the max toll charge later (since they couldn't tell where I got on), or if I should go through a staffed lane and potentially give cash as well as getting my E-ZPass read and charged max toll... I decided to go through a staffed lane and ask them if they can cancel the E-ZPass read. (Remember, mine's external, otherwise I'd just remove it.)

Well I was delighted to see that when I pulled up, the light did turn red like it was about to read my pass, but it never turned green, apparently because the employee saw my window down with ticket in hand so he told the system not to read my pass. That's cool. Glad somebody was thinking. :)

Let's just say I was lucky I had 40 cents in the car though. :)
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