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Long day...

I woke up at 6:15 this morning. Why? So I could be ready to leave by 7am with misch, tenthz and mountainheather on our way to the Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival in Norwich, NY to see Da Vinci's Notebook and other great folk artists.

We got a ways down 81 when Paul indicated that we must have missed the junction with Rt 23 somewhere, which should've been in Cortland. So we got off at the next exit, found a gas station and Paul went in to ask for directions. 15 minutes later he walks out with some maps and the unfortunate news that 23 doesn't intersect 81. The festival publicized bad directions, apparently. But with the map he purchased, we were able to find a way there.

We got there like 10 minutes into The Kennedys' set. They're very talented, but to me all of their songs sound the same except for when they go into their really cool guitar solos. Before too long I was wondering when they'd be done. (Until I realized every set was an hour long, of course.)

After that we walked around to find food among all the arts & crafts tents set up. I found a trailer vendor and decided that looked good to me. Yes, these festivals always have really neat and unique things to eat, but I just wanted something to satisfy my hunger, not an experiment.

While we ate, we could hear a bagpipe. That turned out to be part of the next group on stage, called Clandestine, which consisted of a guitar, fiddle, bongos, and bagpipes. "For those of you who are just joining us and wondering why you see a guitar, fiddle, bongos and bagpipes up here all at once... just go with it, you know?" :) It actually sounded really cool, I thought.

Eventually it was time for Da Vinci's Notebook to go on. Yay! :) This was my first time seeing them live. I'd brought my camera, but I was too busy enjoying the show to fiddle with taking pictures, plus the lighting was terrible, so I let Paul cover that and I just sat there and took in the musical excellence spewing from the stage. hehe... They sang a few of the songs I'd already heard recordings of, and some new ones to me that I couldn't really appreciate as well. Then they had the request portion of the show, so they start asking for requests... someone yells something, and they echo back, "M'nuh M'nuh? Wait, was that M'nuh M'nuh or Eminem? Oh, Eminem? Well, how about Eminem singing M'nuh M'nuh?" LOL So they went and did their version of the song from the Muppet show, "M'nuh M'nuh - doot dooooo do-do-do. [etc.]" and then it broke out into their rendition of Slim Shady, which turned into Dick Cheney, which stopped mid-lyric as the singer collapsed. Funny guys. :) Then they took 3 more requests and worked them all into a single medley. Very impressive. :) They said good-bye by singing Mickey Mouse filled with subliminal instructions to go buy their CD from the tent after the show. :)

Later on we caught Vance Gilbert's set. He's quite a personality. He'd slip a lot of racial jokes into the act, seeing as he was nearly the only black guy at the festival. He'd say "Hello, Chenegro! I mean, Chenango... It's great to be black-- back here." etc... Well that looks weird here but it was actually received well. Oh, he's a musician too, btw. :) He plays guitar and sings with a hefty voice. After all his songs, he came out for an encore. He didn't use the guitar, and he didn't use a mic. He sat on the edge of the stage and bolted out a "prayer", as he called it. He put the sound guys to shame, filling the venue with his unamplified voice. :) It was an awesome closer.

After that we gathered our sunburned asses up and hopped in the car to head home. We wanted to stop at Bob Evans for dinner in Cortland, but couldn't find it. We knew it was visible from 81, but couldn't find it. So we ate at Friendly's. When we left, as we turned back out onto the street, we glanced down the road and saw the Bob Evans sign. D'oh! Oh well. :) Then we drove home singing along to CDs the whole way, which fortunately kept me awake enough to stay alert at the wheel. I was running on 5 hours of sleep and a long day of fresh air and a full stomach. lol

But a bit of unrelated good news is... my EZ-Pass works! :-D I guess I mounted it wrong when I put my new license plates on. It hadn't read at all since then. But this time it read correctly all 4 times. Yay. :)
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