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Weird computer problems...

But not mine. I went over to help quilynn get her computer on the network since it was acting funky or something. Well, once we got past the problem of the keyboard not working during boot time to get into BIOS, but Windows not booting until you press a key on the keyboard, but then the keyboard not working in Windows at all once it's up, we finally got to take a look at the network connection. It's set to use DHCP as it should be, but it's not pulling an IP. In fact, it won't even try. IPconfig just reports "cable not connected" no matter what. Even if I put in a static IP, it says that. And the NIC light never came on, even though we know the cable works and we know the jack works.

So, the OS sees the NIC and reports no problems or conflicts, and the cable and jack are known to be good. So there must be something wrong with the jack on the NIC itself. If there was too much wrong with the NIC card, Windows probably wouldn't report that it's "functioning properly", right?

All I could suggest for her is to try replacing the NIC. We tried everything else we could.

And the weird thing is she says it was working earlier.

Oh well. Earlier today I went bike riding with 4 friends up into the city and back. We figured it to be about 10 miles. Nice ride. My legs will be hurting for a day or two. :) But that's a good thing.
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