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All clean!
...my LiveJournal pages, that is. :) I just updated the styles to have them look more uniform and utilize some features that were previously ignored.

Check it out...

My Site
Journal: Recent Entries
Journal: Friends
Journal: Calendar
Journal: Day

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Something looks funky with the calendar page, but I can't put my finger on what.... something with the centering.

How about now? (And can you tell what I changed?)

The level of weirdness varies depending on what size of window I view it in.... I think it's 'cuz the 2002 bar grows, but always starts at the same spot...

I was just wondering, how do you plan on haveing half a journal entry??

Hehe, well see, that's my clever solution for LJ's failure to provide an ec_plural_ies variable that changes from "y" to "ies" depending on the number of entries, similar to the mc_plural_ies variable available in the friends and lastn views for the comment links.

As for the 2002 bar growing, yes, it does, and thus it's always centered. So where does the weirdness come from? The white background acts the same way.

A-ha! It's centered to the page... but my eyes think it should be centered to the calender. Don't know how you'd do that.

But it IS centered to the calandar, as well as the page. They all share the same center point.


My eyes don't like it. :-P

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