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Mmmmm... chocolate...

Not that I'm a big chocolate lover, but occasionally it's quite enjoyable, especially when it's free. :)

I just got home from a really nice wedding. My sister was a bridesmaid, and my parents and I were guests of the bride. The church was very nice, I thought. My parents thought it was hard to hear, but I didn't have any problem understanding people talking most of the time, and I thought the organ sounded so wonderful in there. I loved the selection of music for the service, mostly consisting of things I recognized, and not the traditional wedding march processional and recessional.

Then later on we all reconvened for a really nice reception downtown. I gave the newlyweds a can of chai tea from Borders and some mugs and place mats. It's sort of non-gratifying to not see them open them, but I suppose I'll get a thank-you or something. Or maybe some hate mail for getting them addicted to chai. *evil laughter* :) The first part of the reception was just the stand-around-and-chat time with the open bar and snack trays. But the problem is we knew so few people there. So we mostly stood around just looking content. Even my mom, who is usually quite the mingler, went a whole 20 minutes without talking to people. :)

Finally we entered the dining room and sat at our table which had been meticulously set with 10 place settings consisting of a glass of champagne, wine glass with napkin neatly arranged in it, glass of water with lemon, medium plate, small plate with butter knife, spoon, two knives, and FIVE FORKS! Hehehe... I was reminded of the scene from Titanic... "Don't feel intimidated. Just start from the outside and work your way in." :) For the first course they brought out jumbo cocktail shrimp (served in a wine glass with cocktail sauce and greens). Second course was a "mushroom purse", which was basically some sort of mushroom stuffing inside a pastry. I hate mushrooms, but I ate it because the stuffing didn't taste like mushrooms. Third course was a salad. I don't eat salads. But there were slices of strawberry and kiwi on the side, so I ate those. And Mom pointed out that there were nuts hidden in the salad! So I found those and ate them too. Fourth course was a lemon sorbet, served on top of a slice of lemon frozen onto the top of frozen water in a champagne glass. (Yes, frozen water is ice, but it wasn't ice cubes. The water was frozen in the glass.) Then finally the fifth and main course, my filet mignon. :) That was yummy. It was served with sliced potatoes and some asparagus wrapped in a slice of carrot. I don't care for asparagus, and these were barely cooked - still crunchy. But even having skipped the salad and asparagus, I was STUFFED!

While we were eating, of course people would start dinging their glasses to make the bride and groom kiss. And they did several times. But one time the glasses started dinging when the groom wasn't there. So the bride kissed her sister. Then a bunch of guys started dinging their glasses again. LOL! Later on, the dinging started up again and the four groomsmen got up from their seats. Just before the bride and groom were about to kiss, the groomsmen leaned in from behind the groom and planted four kisses around his face! Hehehehe.

And there was a dance floor and DJ of course, but he was actually not lame, and quite skilled on that mixer, fading one song into the next and all. It's not often that you can find someone with a combination of the right personality on mic AND technical ability. It was quite a typical mix for a wedding reception, but they added a polka. And there was an "Anniversary Dance" where all the married couples are up dancing and get asked to leave in increments of how long they've been married. The first increment? "Those couples who have been married less than 7 hours and 42 minutes, please leave the dance floor." :) Then they went from 5 years to 35 years in 5-year increments, with the penultimate couple leaving at the 40-year mark. The last couple still dancing had been married 53 years. That was kinda cool. My parents didn't participate, but I told my mom I wouldn't push her up there if she didn't push me up later. :) But they never asked for all the single guys. They didn't do the traditional bouquet and garter throwing stuff. Thank goodness.

There was a piano out in the lobby, but I refrained. Hey, that could be a stupid music joke... "I was going to sing the next verse, but I refrained." Get it? Ha.

Oh yeah, one more thing at each place setting was a little box with a bow on it. Inside were two yummy chocolates. I made you read all this way just to find an explanation for my opening. To those of you who skipped straight here, SHAME! :)
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