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Perhaps today ISN'T a good day to die...
French Mayor Bans Residents from Dying

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But that spoils all my plans for the day. Now what am I going to do?

You can stop scaring me, for one thing. :)

Okay....so that's all well and good...but what exactly is the punishment for breaking this law? It seems like something that would be a bit difficult to enforce.

I was wondering that myself... the story seemed incomplete, didn't it?

I'm guessing he doesn't let people off with just a warning for the first offense. Then again, maybe that's just what he has in mind... He doesn't really care about the dying as much as the usage of burial plots. So the punishment is denial of a proper burial? *shrug*

Not sure. Seems to me that a lack of burial and leaving a dead person laying around stinking things up would be just as much, if not more punishment for everyone else.

I apologize in advance to anyone who looks at this, but it might be best to check out some of the quality products from LifeGems in a situation like this.

They're European, they don't know any better.

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