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Holy Flippers, Batman!
I just scored 69,592,250 in Full Tilt! Space Cadet pinball, achieving the rank of Commodore (7 inner lights, where all 9 is Fleet Admiral) and having two very productive meteor showers (3-ball play). I was completing missions like "hit remote attack bumper 3 times" and "pass through exit lanes 3 times", or "pass through any lane 15 times"... missions I had never seen before. And most of that was done on my first ball.

Coincidentally, for this game I decided to turn off the game sounds and play Jon Schmidt's "Game Day". I wonder if that affected my luck. LOL

I must say Space Cadet is one of the best pinball tables I've ever seen. It actually makes sense and you can tell what you're doing and what you're supposed to do. Most pinball games are quite confusing. The screen might tell you to do something, but you have no clue where the component is that it's talking about. On this table, it has blinking arrows that point to the stuff it's talking about.

It's just too bad Maxis no longer exists. It would appear that the makers of the Sim games have acquired them or something, and there's no trace of the Full Tilt! pinball game anywhere on their site. The game at least works in XP, but it obviously wasn't designed for it. The main problem is it can't save high scores, probably because it doesn't understand the filesystem in XP. I'd love to see the Space Cadet table remade for today's systems.

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Wow, it's been a while since I played Space Cadet. I was never that good at it, though.

I've been playing a pinball game based on the Hershey Park in PA; it's pretty straightforward. Pinball Thrillride. Didn't think I was going to come up with the name there for a minute.

Used to like Looney Labyrinth, too, but don't have it installed anymore. Sigh.

Hello there, fellow Fathomite. :)

I wouldn't say I'm particularly "good" at Space Cadet... since so much of it is based on luck, really. My score is usually around 20 million unless I die really quick. I understand the board fully though, and I can make a few basic shots quite reliably. But if the luck isn't there, sometimes I don't even make it beyond the first rank.

I've never heard of the ones you mentioned... I bought another game called Ultimate Pinball a while ago but I didn't like the boards, and the way it displayed them was annoying, having the screen scroll up and down. Even though that allowed for more detail since you're zoomed in and it showed a reflection on the ball ("oooooh") I'd rather see the whole board all at once, especially now that the typical screen resolution is quite higher than it used to be. It's silly to have a game run in 640x480 with vertical scrolling when the whole board would fit on a 1024x768 screen.

If anyone knows of some more recently developed pinball games that take advantage of large screen resolutions and hardware 3D acceleration, let me know.

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