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Weekend Trip

Thursday night I drove 5 hours to Potsdam to visit poekitty. :) It was a long drive but I'm not an antsy person so I can handle it non-stop. So I made good time and got there a little after 9pm. Oh, but when I left from here, there was a storm moving through and it was pouring down like mad, and I had to get gas on my way out, so I was pumping in the middle of this torrential downpour (but amazingly, none of it got under the roof over the pumps so I was fine), and when I finished pumping, I guess I was distracted by all the craziness around me and I forgot to close the door on the gas tank after screwing on the cap. I noticed this a few miles down the Thruway. :) The storm was moving from west to east, and so was I. I eventually outran it and found dry pavement. But even with driving 65+mph with rain coming down hard, the gas door wasn't pushed shut. So when I got off in Syracuse, I got out and closed it and all was good.

Well when I got there a little after 9pm we were hungry and there wasn't much to eat there so we went out to get a meal and groceries. Then we came back and she taught me how to beat her at backgammon. Then I taught her how to lose at checkers. :)

Friday we wanted to go to a matinee showing of XXX, but we missed it, so we went mini-golfing instead. I won by 11 strokes. Then we drove a bucket of balls and I got a blister on my finger from the terrible driver I was using. But I hit a couple around 150 yards. Most of them were terrible. I blame the driver. :) It was probably the wrong length for me or something. I've driven before and this one didn't feel right. But I didn't feel like rummaging through their bad selection of drivers for something remotely better. It was just for fun anyway.

Then we went out to eat at this really cool Mexican restaurant. I got pork enchiladas. We sat outside on this deck that overlooks a water return along the river near the falls. It started to rain just as we were finishing up. Our table had an umbrella but we were getting wet anyway. I had to take home half of my dinner in a box... it was a lot to eat!

So then we went back and decided to go see the 9:15 showing of XXX, so we had an hour to kill. Nintendo to the rescue! :) But while we were playing, I noticed how red the sun looked outside, so I went out on the deck to check it out and the sunset was spectacular, so I grabbed my camera and shot some pics. After I shot enough and we went back in, just a few minutes later suddenly we noticed everything outside was pink, so I went out again and every cloud overhead was illuminated in pink by the sun, and they were in turn illuminating everything on the ground in pink. It was beautiful and eerie at the same time. I tried to capture it on the camera but I don't think it came out as vivid as the real thing. It sort of looks like I just adjusted the color balance on the image, but I didn't.

(See the rest of the album here.)

Well, after admiring Mother Nature's artwork, we headed over to the theater in town, which is a little 4-screen place, not the 18-screen joints I'm used to around here. But it was just as enjoyable, and hardly any people in the theater. As for the movie itself, it was quite entertaining. :) The only negative comment I might make is how it seemed like a little too often, a timely explosion of some sort was the hero in a scene where the good guys seem to be doomed. But overall, it was worth seeing.

Saturday we played more Nintendo and I ate my leftover Mexican and I made a cup of chai for her to try. I think she liked it. :) Then I got all must things to gether and put them in my car, and I drove her to the ice cream place in town. I had peach frozen yogurt on a sugar cone and she had a twist with rainbox sprinkles. Yum. :) Then I drove her back home and dropped her off, said bye, and I was on my way by around 8pm.

It was just getting dark but the sunset didn't seem to be doing anything interesting. I got to see portions of the road that were in the dark on the way up. :) And the drive back was quite uneventful. My E-ZPass still doesn't work... I need to remember to call them one of these weekdays.

All in all, it was a great time. It's cool to hang out with online friends in person. :) I should do it more often.
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