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Podiatric Plague: part 2

Well, Dr. Mom saw my entry about my foot problems and advised me on some shoe inserts and pain medication. So yesterday we met for lunch at Bill Gray's and then got the shoe inserts. And then, since my shoes were quite worn out, we went to the mall and I bought some new shoes, too. Stopped by CVS and grabbed some Aleve... Went back to Bill Grays for an ice cream cone, then went with her to pick up work supplies from Staples. A nice afternoon spent with Mom. :)

The shoe inserts basically improve arch support, which is somehow what's responsible for the pain in the back of my heel, since the tendon from the lower calf wraps around there and connects to the arch. So... hopefully a combination of the arch support and anti-inflammatory will help. I'll need to put the shoes on immediately when I get out of bed in the morning since that's the most sensitive time (and when the heel always hurt before). I did that this morning and noticed it was quite less painful to walk, but there was still noticeable pain, despite the Aleve. It might take me a while to unlearn this hobble motion I've been doing to reduce strain on that tendon.

In other news, Borders last night was almost a flop because Ryan's out of town. Paul would've gone anyway even if he was alone, but I managed to get a hold of Bob and got him to come so the three of us could play Spades. That worked out. And with my Chai Freeze, I filled up the last two spots on my frequent drink card, so I'm due for a free drink next time... Woohoo! I also bought a canister of chai mix to try out. I had some this morning... it smells the same but it doesn't quite have the same kick as the stuff they make right there. Still good though. :)

And for dinner just now I made spaghetti with garlic bread and for dessert I made a banana split. Yum. Now I'm full. :)
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