Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

I saw something very gratifying while sitting in E-ZPass lane after work today... This guy in a pick-up pulled into the lane, and it didn't read his pass. So apparently he's had as many frustrations as I had with the internal tags, so this time he ripped the tag off his windshield, got out of the truck, stood in the cargo bed and waved the pass in the air, as if to shove it in the sensor's face. It still didn't read. So he climbed up onto the roof of the cab and waved it even higher. It still didn't read. By this time people behind him are opening their doors and yelling at him, so he finally gives up and drives through.

Boy, sometimes I felt like doing that with my tag, but I never had the balls. :) Of course, I wouldn't expect it to really work. There's something weird about the system so it requires a bunch of conditions for a successful read. But just the satisfaction of shoving crap in the face of someone who says they can't smell it... that would feel so good. :) Everyone else was pissed at this guy for holding up the lane, but inside, I was cheering for him. :)

By the way, when it came my turn, my external pass read just fine. I think it's something about internal tags used in older vehicles like my old van and this guy's old-looking pickup.
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