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Podiatric Plague

For a while now my right heel has been bothering me. Initially each morning it hurts to walk on it, but once I get moving, it's fine and I can play tennis or rollerblade or whatever and it doesn't bother me at all. It's not the bottom of the heel, but the back of it, like where people usually get blisters. Like, just the thought of lying on the floor, lifting my right leg, and letting it fall to the floor... the pain would be unreal. But I could jump straight up and land entirely on the bottom of my right heel and that wouldn't hurt at all. Only on the back.

Then yesterday I was jumping off the diving board and one time I pulled that muscle on the outside of my ankle and up my lower leg a bit. And another time, my foot slipped off the front of the board as I jumped so I basically scraped the arch of my foot on the edge of the board under the weight of half my body. It felt like it should be bleeding but it wasn't.

And today (probably from a combination of walking the corn maze and diving yesterday) the arch in my right foot was in pain as I was standing around and playing volleyball at Mendon Ponds Park.

On the bright side, the arch pain is overshadowing the heel pain for now.

Can someone just amputate my right foot and give me one of those cool titanium ones? :-D

But anyway, despite all that, "Ocho" was great this year, as it always is. I got to see a lot of the cool friends I rarely get to see anymore. There was food and music and volleyball and frisbee and water... Afterwards I went to dinner at Perkins with Suzy & Marc, Ken, Chris & Melissa and Alex.

Now I'm back home and I don't think I'll be doing anything on my feet for quite a while. :)
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